Sarah Fox diaper drive

Sarah Fox Children's Hospital wishes to thank all its donors without whose help and generosity they would not be able to render such a high level of service to serve the most vulnerable of our citizens - the children.
The hospital appeals to all who have not yet made a contribution, to assist in their diaper drive which is an ongoing project. The hospital's reserves of disposable diapers are very low and using toweling nappies will only increase the water and electricity bill. As an NGO it is always of critical importance to stretch funds as far as possible.

Apart from disposable diapers, which is priority number one, Sarah Fox also requires related items such as snappi nappy fasteners, waterproofs, bum cream, wet wipes and sterri-nappi.

All contributions will be highly appreciated. Click her for contact details and directions.

The children look forward to seeing you there soon!!

4 Jun 2013 10:09


Pippa Wepener
Its unfortunate that their electricity and water bill is high - maybe they should try and get donations for that rather than disposable nappies - full of germs and disease which sit on landfills for MANY years!
Posted on 5 Jun 2013 13:05