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Alliance Media wins airport advertising tender

Alliance Media Botswana, Botswana's largest billboard company has been awarded the contract for the exclusive indoor and outdoor advertising concession at Botswana's newly built Sir Seretse Khama International Airport.
The Alliance Media Botswana team at the newly constructed airport
The Alliance Media Botswana team at the newly constructed airport
The award followed a rigid tender process where the company was successful over both Primedia and Continental media, as well as other local players. Alliance Media had previously held the advertising concession in the old terminal building and their strong historic performance to the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana contributed to the award. Alliance Media is widely known as Africa's largest airport advertising company, and holds the advertising concession to over 50 airports on the continent.

The new terminal building has been under construction for four years and is five times larger than the previous airport, and has been constructed primarily out of glass and steel. As diamonds are the countries' leading export, the precious gem theme has been used extensively throughout the terminal which now boasts a retail area, conference centre and various dining facilities. Traffic has been on the increase at the airport as a result of the growing local economy and foreign airlines have recently been awarded landing rights at the airport.

Alliance Media also offers a wide product range of billboards, spectacular billboards, landmark outdoor, street furniture and mall media in 23 African countries. The company has been awarded top performing outdoor advertising company for the past three consecutive years.

Billboards in Botswana can be booked by contacting either Alliance Media Botswana at moc.aidemecnailla@anawstob or by contacting the Africa desk at Alliance Media South Africa at moc.aidemecnailla@ofni.

27 Feb 2012 12:14