Hellocomputer reinforces Corruption Watch

Hellocomputer, one of South Africa's leading creative digital agencies, was called upon to construct and initiate a website for non-profit organisation, Corruption Watch.
"Corruption is such a devastating problem in South Africa, it's a privilege to have participated in the Corruption Watch initiative." Says the Managing Director of Hellocomputer, David Moffatt.

A corruption incident reporter tool was conceived to allow users to readily and anonymously report personal experiences of corruption and provide restricted information about suspected incidences of corruption. This is supported by advocacy campaigns encouraged and promoted by Corruption Watch.

The web platform is designed to represent the data in a striking way to encourage user interaction and participation. Users are invited to sign a pledge in opposition to corruption, which contributes to a visual poll on the website.

The Corruption Watch online activity and website is a focal part of the organisation's work and the cardinal means by which they engage with the public in contending with and responding to corruption.

Says David Lewis, Director of Corruption Watch, "Our website and other social media platforms are our principal means of communication with and between those who want to join us in fighting corruption. They are profoundly democratising technologies and we intend to use them to raise the quality and reach of the South African democracy."

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10 Feb 2012 11:30


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