An integrated campaign hit for six!

A good working relationship has begun to develop between MetropolitanRepublic and Hellocomputer, the results of which can be experienced through the many layers of the MTN Backyard Series campaign.
Recently we watched as the most powerful job in the world was won by a man who leveraged the power of the collective through the unprecedented use of media, both new and old variations. Admittedly, he was the right man, with the right message, who appeared at the right time.

However it was the completely integrated way that a singular, unifying message was delivered across multiple channels that contributed most to the overall success of his ability to re-connect with people, specifically young people who were previously thought to be lost to politics.

The MTN Backyard Series has been delivered by two agencies that realise that in order for a seamless integrated campaign to be delivered successfully, the idea of ownership must be lost. There is only one hero now and that's the campaign itself.

The central point of the communication was decided upon at the campaign's inception and now all available energy is spent on the varied and unique activation of that message across multiple channels. Constantly striving to be present where our target audience is already active by stimulating interactions and ultimately dialogue, MetropolitanRepublic and Hellocomputer have taken the first steps of putting recent lessons from abroad into action locally.

Where is MTN Backyard Series?

  • On TV - commercials flight regularly during live cricket games.
  • The website itself ( - home to an addictive cricket game and loads of quality cricket content. The site launched with one backyard cricket venue available to play in, before extending it's offering with another level, the cul de sac. The game will soon allow users to build their own digital backyard cricket venue and invite their friends to compete for high scores in it.
  • The MTN BackyardSeries Channel on Youtube has a collection of videos that include all the ATL material, as well as some rarer footage of some of the Protea's dropping in unannounced on some local backyard cricket games.
  • Mobile Phones obviously, the same clips available on Youtube are being distributed via mobile phones.
  • There is also a facebook group where users can share tips and hints about the online cricket game and plan some real life action.
  • On the cricket field - MTN secured prominent on-field branding for the majority of up and coming live matches
  • In the cricket stands - activation was handled through the distribution of cricket sets at live games that supplied the public with everything they need to start a cricket game.
  • In your garden - The entire premise of the campaign was built upon the fact the as South Africans we've all played cricket in the garden at some stage. To remind South Africans what our gardens are best used for, Backyard Series tennis balls were thrown into gardens and parks all over the place. The simply truth being, that South African's tend to pick up tennis balls.
  • Our memories in your phone, made possible by MTN - Backyard Series stickers were placed all over South Africa with a call to action inviting the public to listen to SA's leading domestic and international cricketers share their memories of their first backyard cricket experience. Effectively allowing the public to listen in on the personal memories of some of our finest domestic and international cricketers.

Ultimately, if there is one lesson we can learn from the Obama victory for our industry, it's that digital media is no longer a guerrilla tactic being used outside of the traditional media mix. It must be considered and respected as a powerful component of any integrated media plan, as the recent successes it has helped to create clearly show.

24 Nov 2008 13:39


nice one Hello crew. great comments and bang on the nail :)
Posted on 24 Nov 2008 14:19
So cool to see what so many people talk about actually happening... Superb work both HC & MR!!
Posted on 28 Nov 2008 14:57
for sure!!
Posted on 2 Dec 2008 08:56
Go Mark!-
here is the summary then.
Posted on 2 Dec 2008 09:01
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