Turns out Capetonians totally know what they're like

Good Hope FM's new brand ad, shot by Slim from Egg Films, comes with one, unmistakable message: if you don't have Good Hope FM, you have no hope. The deliciously tongue-in-cheek spot makes a great meal of a simple truth: Capetonians live in one of South Africa's greatest cities; and boy do they know it.
Turns out Capetonians totally know what they're like
Turns out Capetonians totally know what they're like
It is exactly this wry humour that attracted Slim to the job in the first place: "I really digged the exaggeration and comedy... it gave us a chance to completely take the mickey out of ourselves as both Capetonians and Non-Capetonians," says Slim, ironically a non-Captonian himself.

Letting the comedy speak for itself, Slim purposely chose to avoid too many tricksy morphs and let editor Ricky Boyd work his magic, allowing the cut to reveal the change from cool Cape-Town-land to uncool-place-of-no-return, after our guy mistakenly strays beyond the signal of Good Hope.

The concept, dreamed up by creatives Ivan, Alexis, Gareth and Alex from 140 BBDO, proves that those wine-guzzling rascals can laugh at themselves after all. We didn't actually get to interview any of them but we'd imagine that if we did, they'd say something like "It's, like, the truth. And if you don't, like, find it funny, you're probs from, like Jo'burg. Eeuw"

Watch and embed the spot at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sUgVmseQGI.

For more information, visit www.eggfilms.tv

17 Jan 2013 09:19