Slim creates an undercover bar for Guinness Ghana

Egg Film's Slim directed the first ever advert for Armstrong, a new spirit drink from Guinness Ghana.
Slim creates an undercover bar for Guinness Ghana
Conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town creative director Gavin Whitfield and art director Yvonne Hall, the spot revolves around an undercover bar that converts into a business when the men's wives come to check in on them.

"Since the ad started flighting, people keep calling to ask who handled the post," laughs Egg Films' executive producer Nicci Cox. 'But we did the whole thing in camera. Everything you see move is operated by hand."

Nicci and Slim flew into Accra to cast the leads and research Ghanaian bars, office spaces, colours and textures, before shooting the commercial in an empty shop in Jeppestown, Johannesburg.

"The idea was all there," says Slim. "So it was just a matter of executing it African-style, keeping it simple and not too high-tech. "

Art director Keenan McAdam and set builders Marcia and Raphael from Marcia's Studio spent four weeks building the revolving sets.

"We spent a full day rehearsing, with all the sets working, so we could choreograph each shot," says Slim. "During the actual shoot, we could have got it in one take - everything worked immaculately."

The ad's shot by Willie Nel, edited by Saki Bergh at Left, and scored by Markus Wormstorm.

"The shoot was a jol," says Slim. "Everything ran really smoothly, apart from the craft guy who disappeared into the strip club across the road never to be seen again." True story.

28 May 2012 11:09