Terence Neale gets trolley'd at Engen

Petrol stations are no longer just for post-midnight pies and quick pick Lotto tickets, as Engen brings true meaning to the term 'filling up': their well-stocked Quickshops allow you to conveniently fill your car with petrol and groceries.
Terence Neale gets trolley'd at Engen
Creative team Aaron Harris, Ian Metcalf and Liam McElhinney from Draftfcb Cape Town turned the premise of filling up into the charming analogy that with Engen, your car isn't just a car, it's a flipping huge shopping trolley.

Humanoid@Egg director Terence Neale breathed life into the script with a highly entertaining 60" commercial, featuring scenarios that make South African roads look like the aisles of your local grocery store on payday. Picture a guy reversing a trolley out of his garage, the typical seedy second-hand salesman flogging a used trolley to an unsuspecting youth, a mechanic's garage with the token calendar girl reclining in front of a shiny trolley. If you think it sounds funny, you're right.

True to form, Terence's eye for casting and his grasp for comedic timing comes through to deliver a truly lekker spot from start to finish!

Watch the spot here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuzdDkSvXkQ

14 Dec 2011 03:02