Egg's Bruno Bossi gets Sasol ad in single shot

Bruno Bossi directed Innovation for People, the new TVC for Sasol by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris' Damon Stapleton, Mike Groenewald, Joanne Morrison and Antoinette Fourie. The ad moves through four outdoor sets in a single, seamless shot as it demonstrates that the importance of innovation lies not in the idea itself but in what you do with it.
Egg's Bruno Bossi gets Sasol ad in single shot
Shooting over two nights at !Khwa Ttu along the West Coast, DOP Peter Tischhauser had the biggest challenge, as he had to capture the entire commercial in one take. The cinematographer's job was further complicated by the fact that Bruno wanted to shoot at sunrise, so Peter only had two 10-15 minute window periods to work his magic.

Everything was done in camera, apart from the fire-fighting plane flying overhead and the water it dropped. BlackGinger added both elements in post. Art director John Nankin and new set-building company Hammerhead teamed up to design and build the four sets in under two weeks.

Richard Starkey edited the job at Priest and was on set to help with the timings.

Watch the spot here.

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22 Nov 2011 12:27