Slim goes epic with Garmin

Garmin, perhaps best known for getting you from A to B without swearing too much, just launched a new commercial, directed by Egg's Slim, for their state of the art fitness gear.
Slim goes epic with Garmin
The commercial was the brainchild of Volcano Advertising's Tasha Hodgson (Copywriter) and Francois Boshoff (Creative Director) and depicts the inner battle between stopping and, well, not stopping. In this visual analogy, the triathlon track takes on the form of a harrowing battlefield fraught with obstacles threatening to end the journey abruptly. The commercial concludes with the tagline: 'Glory is not a destination. It's a journey.' Volcano creatives didn't think twice about handing such an intense project over to Slim, "We look [for a director] who can see what our vision is and deliver that in pictures," says Tasha. "Slim gets our thinking, he crawls into our minds..." And while that may sound painful and a little creepy, the end result speaks for itself: it's not often that one watches a commercial and is left with one word: epic.

View the commercial.

6 Dec 2010 13:14