Three out of two at Creative Circle

The past two Creative Circle Ad of the Month judgings yielded not two but three awards for Egg Films. Humanoid Terence Neale took joint first in the August awards for Network BBDO's Cell C commercials ‘Drive Thru', ‘Salesman' and ‘More Rands'.

Fellow Egg, Jason Fialkov received two second places - the first for ‘Kia Multi Tasking', a script he directed for singh&sons CTN and the other in July for Blackriver FC's commercial entitled ‘Nando's Wheelie'.

They all swear that no one slept with the judges.

When asked about the challenges on the jobs, Jason had this to say: “I really had loads of fun working on both jobs - when you're sitting behind the monitor laughing you know it's working. The challenge [on the Kia commercial] was to get the co-ordination of the hands right... and trying to keep it real...” Why Jason was talking in New York Homeboy slang is still a little unclear.

Terence was not available for comment, though we're sure that, wherever he is, he's also “keeping it real”.

17 Oct 2008 13:19