South African directs viral Skrillex music video

Egg Films' Terence Neale directed the music video for Ragga Bomb, Skrillex's collaboration with British jungle pioneers, Ragga Twins.
South African directs viral Skrillex music video
South African directs viral Skrillex music video
South African directs viral Skrillex music video
Shot in December in Hillbrow, Alex and Johannesburg CBD, the video was released last week and has already been featured everywhere from Pitchfork to Rolling Stone.

Ragga Bomb takes you into a post-apocalyptic turf war, complete with trolley-surfing scavengers, glow-in-the-dark dancehall, and a final fight sequence you won't see coming.

The Guardian called it "a genuinely great music video... that'll probably give George Lucas a hernia" and Stereogum said it's "visually arresting as all hell." Ragga Bomb has already racked up over four and a half million views on YouTube.

Terence had been asked to pitch on the music video as a result of his work with Ninja on Die Antwoord's music video for Baby's On Fire. "The original brief was completely open; the only words they used were 'dark and dancey'," laughs producer Rozanne Rocha-Gray. "So everything you see is Terence's imagination."

Terence is best known as a top commercials director, but Rozanne admits Ragga Bomb didn't have a commercials budget, so praised the cast and crew who made it possible. "It was a real labour of love for everyone involved; they all came to the party to make it happen."

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Production Company - Egg Films
Director - Terence Neale
Executive Producer - Colin Howard
Producer - Rozanne Rocha-Gray
Line Producer - Devi Lazanas
DP - Michael Ragen
Art Direction - Michael Linders + Wendy Fredrikson
Costume Design - Elmi Badenhorst + Richard de Jager + Sandra Smit
Choreographer - David Mathamela
Editor - Evy Katz, Left Post Production
Colourist - Craig Simonetti, Pudding
Visual Effects and Online Supervisor - Jean du Plessis, Blade Works Post Production & BFX
Camera and Grips Equipment - Panavision
Lighting Equipment - Media Film Service
Casting - Kevin Gray

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8 Apr 2014 14:35