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Your single source for Engineering Training. Since 1967 Pert Industrials has been developing and manufacturing Engineering Training Equipment for Technical Schools, Colleges and Universities worldwide.
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Teaching humans to outperform horses in the fourth industrial revolutionThere is an old joke among economists: if you think it is so easy to transition jobs in a new economy, ask yourself how many horses found employment in the motor industry? It is a bit of a strange joke, and maybe not very funny - economists are not known for their humour! But still, the point holds: there will always be some very tough adjustments as an economy transitions with disruptive technology. President Ramaphosa referenced these challenges, a few weeks ago in parliament, when questioned about South Africa's employment problems, and our movement towards green technology in the fourth industrial revolution. 7 Dec 2021 Read more

How do you know if something is expensive?Some of our Pert brand of electrical education trainers are expensive. Well, more expensive than the competition. Pert reps often use the old VW versus Mercedes analogy, which is somewhat helpful, but can be rather misleading. Yes, two similarly specified items may differ in performance and durability. But think about it: driving in traffic to work in a Merc or else a VW, your activity, your function, is pretty much the same. (I daresay your experience is pretty much the same, as well, regardless of the marketing!) 29 Jun 2021 Read more

The problem with teaching coding in South African schoolsThe great thing about robotics and coding is that it is all malleable. The awful thing about teaching robotics and coding is that it is all malleable. To clarify: 25 May 2021 Read more

Science lab activities during a pandemicHow do you do a lab prac if you can't touch the equipment and you have to stay two meters away from your lab partner? In 2020 the answer was: you don't. Education department policy was demonstrations, only by the teachers. 16 Feb 2021 Read more

Just a few weeks left to help these kidsThanks to marketing departments, motivational speakers, life coaches and team builders, many of us have picked up an annoying habit of reflex positivity. Problems are 'challenges.' Obstacles are 'gifts'. We reflect on the good things which never would have happened without this disaster, etc, etc, etc. Of course, we have to. What else are we going to do, in the end, but get on with it? Still, a few moments of sympathy and commiseration are warranted. Let me just say, then, that 2020 has been rough. In fact, there is a great Afrikaans term, synonymous with human waste, three letters, sharp and palindromic. Got it? That's been 2020 for most people. 27 Oct 2020 Read more

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