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We design and animate characters for business communication for use in videos, infographics, virtual events and learning.
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Do we want or need the metaverse?The metaverse. It's everywhere. On social media, in articles, even in boardrooms. Who knows, just like in The Matrix, maybe we're living in it right now and don't even realise it. 11 Mar 2022 Read more

Avatar-mediated communications: Using avatars for business, branding and communicationsAvatars in gaming have become commonplace since the term was popularised in Neil Stephenson's science fiction novel Snow Crash (1992). Using avatars, players take on different skins to express their personality and interact with other players. 6 May 2021 Read more

How to add some character to your communicationsAre you wanting to build stronger connections with your audience regardless of the platforms you are using or the audience you are engaging with? From your digital marketing efforts to your internal communication initiatives; how do you make your strategies more effective? 15 Mar 2021 Read more

How to use the hero's journey to build engagement at your online eventVirtual events are here to stay for the foreseeable future. If 2020 was an opportunity to try virtual, 2021 is the year to build a strategy around virtual. 23 Feb 2021 Read more

Innovation at live virtual eventsIf necessity is the mother of all invention, then the father is experimentation. Invention comes from a need coupled with the ability to try new ideas. 7 Oct 2020 Read more

What is the Distractometer?Distraction. It's all around you. Every day you struggle with it to complete the tasks you need to get done. It's the same for the people you are trying to communicate with. They are distracted. If you want them to engage in our content you need to help them out of their distractions and into engagement. 9 Mar 2020 Read more

Is there a science to engagement?Engagement is the key metric communicators are looking for today. We want our audience to engage in our marketing, in our content, in our social media posts and in our businesses. We know we need to be relevant and of value to our audience. We also need to be consistent over time. 19 Feb 2020 Read more

Engage your audience with Brand AvatarsWhat is the biggest challenge for anyone involved in communications today whether that be with their staff or customers? Distraction. Your audience is distracted. We live in a distracting world where we all have multiple stimuli vying for our attention. 1 Dec 2019 Read more