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Fabrik offers digital management for your community powered by ethical, human-centred workflows & apps. We help broadcast entities build independent, valuable and trusted communities in you branded app that you own and manage.
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Summer School leads the way to digital educationLeaders in digital transformation, immedia, have announced the launch date of the annual Summer School programme. This free one-week-long work exposure programme allows students and graduates an opportunity to gain exposure to the tech-related skills they will need to take the first step into their tech career. 12 Oct 2021 Read more

A moment of truth for radioRadio has long been known for its trust quotient with its community - trust that the global, hyperscale platforms are bleeding at an increasingly dizzy rate. But can radio stations overcome their fear of digital to create more interactive programming, attract more listeners globally and, ultimately, generate additional revenue in order to avoid being left behind? 8 Mar 2021 Read more

Community radio gets a R10m boost to accelerate the digital evolution in AfricaDurban-based tech company immedia has invested R10m to help African media entrepreneurs to build sustainable community radio by using Fabrik, a set of cloud-enabled digital tools that empower media entities to livestream shows, grow and engage with audiences around the world and benefit financially by monetising their audiences. 11 Feb 2021 Read more

Navigating the digital sea of change: 3 tips to help your business swim not sinkHow ready is your business for digital transformation? If your answer is 'not very', the data shows that you're not alone. 21 Jan 2021 Read more

I left radio to save radioWe are discovering true engagement in radio. But unfortunately, not from industry itself. 10 Nov 2020 Read more

The future of radio is real, relevant and multi-platformExciting new technologies promise to make radio more accessible and engaging than it has ever been. This includes app-based platforms that enable broadcasters to engage with listeners like never before, software that lets producers edit sound as easily as a text document, and a 'radio station in a bucket' that turns a mobile phone onto a broadcast hub. 20 Oct 2020 Read more

5 benefits to consolidating your audience engagementWhy you should consider transitioning your audience engagement and management to your own private platform. 13 Oct 2020 Read more

'Crazy good' app boosts radio station's reach and revenueKZN-based community radio station Izwi LoMzansi is looking to close the revenue gap with commercial radio stations by offering advertisers additional value through their mobile app inventory. 29 Sep 2020 Read more

Radio promotion wows through consolidated Digital StrategyA deep dive into how YFM racked up over a million competition entries during a global pandemic, and doubled app usage in just two weeks. 30 Jul 2020 Read more

Smile 90.4FM becomes a trusted source for information in the midst of a global pandemicSmile 90.4FM's early investment in a multiplatform approach empowered the station to rapidly surround their community with accurate, verified news about the pandemic, resulting in an increase in audio streaming. 8 May 2020 Read more