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The Digital School of Marketing (DSM) offers a unique, user-friendly online learning platform where you can achieve an accredited digital marketing education.
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Why Gen Z needs to be the focus of your digital marketingToday's workplaces are in a unique position as there is such a diverse mix of generations. Baby boomers - who were born between 1946 and 1964 - sit across the desk from Generation X'ers - who were born between 1965 and 1980. On the other side of the office are the millennials who are now anything between 39 and 24. 30 Oct 2020 Read more

How digital marketing can help brick-and-mortar retail outletsIt's exceptionally frightening to see the abundance of small and big businesses coming under business rescue or closing altogether as well as hundreds of thousands of people who become unemployed as a result. Unfortunately, not a lot of them are succeeding in finding jobs. 29 Sep 2020 Read more

Why video marketing is important on social mediaAt least 92% of marketers say that video marketing is an incredibly important part of any digital marketing strategy as it is a very engaging medium. It is predicted that, by 2021, people will be watching 100 minutes of online video every single day. 2 Sep 2020 Read more

How retailers are adapting to the digital worldWe are living in times that we haven't experienced before. We've been forced to adapt, extremely quickly, to - as many people have started calling it - 'the new normal'. Speculations are rife about when (if ever) we will get back to a semblance of normality. 30 Apr 2020 Read more

Why your digital marketing strategy needs to be aligned with your business strategyThere are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to the question of business strategy development. For example, the Planning School (which outlines how the strategy should be formulated) states that business strategy formation is a formal process. However, the Entrepreneurial School (which describes how business strategies are put together) states that the process of formulating company strategy is a visionary process. 1 Apr 2020 Read more

Why the internet of things is the next frontier in digital marketingThe internet of things, or IoT as it is affectionately called in the digital marketing industry, has been a buzzword used by digital marketers for years now. Some say it's going to positively revolutionise the way digital marketers do their jobs, while others feel it might be pushing the boundaries of what invasion of privacy means. Regardless, the internet of things is here and we, as digital marketers, need to be aware of the opportunities and challenges it presents. This article defines the IoT, and looks at three ways digital marketing will be changed by it: 27 Feb 2020 Read more

Why online learning is a good idea for upskilling staffFor the last number of years, the online learning industry has grown in leaps and bounds. And this growth trajectory doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. For example, recent statistics show that, by 2025, the online learning industry is slated to be worth $325 billion. (At the time of writing this release, this amount equated to roughly R4.6 billion.) 23 Jan 2020 Read more

The future of digital advertising in 2020Advertising has gone through many iterations from the days of the Mad Men. Although the ad design and copywriting principles are still those which were adopted by the advertising greats, the manner in which these are presented differs significantly. 4 Dec 2019 Read more

The power of the discount"There's no such thing as a free lunch" is a saying that one has often heard from diverse sources such as parents, teachers, mentors and managers. The fact that we have to work hard for what we get is engrained in us as is the notion that we must not expect anything for free. 26 Nov 2019 Read more

Digital marketing trends that characterised 2019Consumers are sick and tired of being actively sold to. In fact, if they think that a piece of copy or a graphic looks like an ad (even though it may not be) they avoid it. Some people actually go to the extent of blocking ads on their PCs and mobile devices entirely. "This is shown," says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing, "in the click-through rates for banner adverts, which is just 0.05%. This is a dramatic drop from years gone by." 14 Nov 2019 Read more

Why digital marketing sets women in business apartIn South Africa, despite a move towards gender equality there is still a huge disparity between men and women in the workplace. However, the way in which this gap can be crossed is by using digital marketing. 2 Sep 2019 Read more

Why online digital marketing qualifications could be a solution to the education crisisIn South Africa, we are facing an economic pandemic. The last Stats SA figures have unemployment creeping towards the 30% mark with the majority of those unemployed being young people. The tragedy is that most of these young unemployed people have a tertiary qualification. So what is the solution to the challenge that we are facing? 12 Jul 2019 Read more

Are all PPC solutions created equal?In the last set of financial results, it was reported that Facebook ad revenue is overtaking that of Google. Does this mean that you should be taking out Facebook Ads as opposed to Google Ads? 28 May 2019 Read more

How much is social media earning you?Many business owners are quite sceptical of spending money on social media because they can't see tangible return on investment that this brings, in other words money in their bank accounts. So how can you properly measure and quantify the returns you receive from your efforts on social media? 25 Apr 2019 Read more

How online reputation management can increase customer retentionWhen someone wants to research a company, their first port of call will be to do a Google search on them. You - as a business owner - want to make sure that what they find is positive. Managing your online reputation will not only help you acquire new customers but will also help you keep your existing ones. 3 Apr 2019 Read more

What are the key social engagement metrics your company should focus on in 2019Social media is based on a conversation. It works because people join in discussions - about other people and brands - that they are interested in. They want to learn more regarding what is being talked about as the conversation appeals to an emotion in them. 4 Mar 2019 Read more

How to maximise your spend on Google AdsGoogle Ads can be a great way to get your business noticed and attract potential customers to your website. It is, however, very easy to waste money on Google Ad campaigns. This is because the platform is extremely technical and is not easy for a newbie, who has no skills or experience in running such drives, to figure out. This is why you need to follow a step-by-step approach. 29 Jan 2019 Read more

Digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 20192018 was characterised by an explosion of technology in the digital marketing industry. This new tech now needs to be used in such a way to add value to your company's digital marketing strategy. In this article, we explore how we think this may take place. 8 Jan 2019 Read more

Why a digital marketing certification will make a CV stand outWe are living in a digital age. The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionised consumer products with items such as wearable fitness trackers, for example. With this new generation of digital products, it's necessary to change the way we market these items. Traditional methods of marketing are just not enough anymore. 4 Dec 2018 Read more

Changing the narrative with online courses in marketing - creating future marketing entrepreneursIn the past, facilitated education in the marketing world has been preferred over other methods of learning. In fact, the more time that you had to spend in a lecture theatre and the more money that you had to spend in getting the course, the more highly the marketing qualification was regarded. 2 Nov 2018 Read more

What is the best time to post on social media?We all know social media is one of the most powerful marketing channels when it comes to building a brand. Whether you are in the B2C or B2B space, a social media channel like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can really help amplify your brand's presence. It's one thing to put a social media marketing strategy together. It's a whole other ball game to actually create content for social media. 2 Oct 2018 Read more

How to create a powerful advertising campaignThe word 'campaign', to some, might sound overwhelming or even extremely difficult to pull off. However, the truth is that once you know exactly why you are planning a specific campaign, the plan and strategy starts to fall in place. In this article we have a closer look at how to plan a powerful advertising campaign. 25 Sep 2018 Read more

What does a digital copywriter do?Copy writer, digital copy writer, online copy writer... There are SO many terms to describe copy writers we wouldn't be surprised if you're confused! In this article, we will be taking a closer look at what an online and digital copywriter actually does. So, let's dive right in. 4 Sep 2018 Read more

Why upskilling your staff on digital marketing is crucialThere are numerous variables that play a role in a company's success. Currently, in South Africa, we are facing a tough economy, strong competitors in most industries, aggressive inflation and a weak rand compared to other foreign currencies. To succeed as a business is becoming harder and harder every year. That is why it's essential to start thinking outside the box. 28 Aug 2018 Read more

11 reasons why digital marketing should be a company's prorityModern technology keeps on changing and soaring to new heights. Businesses are trying their best to do everything they can to keep up and are also changing their business models to online ones. 14 Aug 2018 Read more