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Manufacturing and technology - Are they speaking the same language?As the manufacturing world continues to evolve to meet new challenges, there's a step-change in innovation for the products and services that are delivered and supported. Many industry insiders are expressing the need for a focus on driving sustainable (and profitable) business growth. Deloitte suggests digital investment and supply chain resilience as the key pillars. 19 Oct 2021 Read more

Why an asset investment plan is crucial to business successWhen managed correctly, asset investment planning (AIP) should deliver three key benefits. It should enable asset-intensive organisations to determine which investments will allow them to best meet service level objectives, with the right level of expenditure, while minimising the risk of asset failure. 7 Oct 2021 Read more

Which enterprise asset management solution best suits your organisation?Employing the right enterprise asset management (EAM) solution is imperative for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage... but beware - not all EAM software is created equal. When choosing an EAM solution, businesses should seek software that creates opportunities to bolster asset performance for effective and efficient maintenance. 22 Sep 2021 Read more

Homegrown, South African solution driving digitisation in the SeychellesOn 16 July 2021, the government of the Seychelles officially recognised South African secure digital document delivery and e-signature business solution provider Impression Signatures as a provider of choice across the country. 19 Aug 2021 Read more

Infor agrees to sell its EAM business to Hexagon AB and form strategic relationshipInfor, the industry cloud company, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its global EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) business to Hexagon AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B), a global leader in digital reality solutions, for approximately $2.75bn in a combination of cash and stock and form a strategic relationship with the company to better serve shared customers. The businesses will remain separate until the completion of the transaction, subject to regulatory approvals. 23 Jul 2021 Read more

Innovation and partnership drive secure e-signature solutions for AfricaBoth demand and need for e-signature solutions have increased exponentially, on a global scale, over the last two years. The use of e-signatures was already gaining interest but grew dramatically with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to 'new-normal' remote work requirements and the necessity of secure online operations, the popularity of e-signature solutions rose rapidly. 2 Jun 2021 Read more

LabourGenie.Net grows strategic partnership to expand UKG Dimensions in South AfricaLabourGenie.Net, a workforce management (WFM) solutions company, announced its strategic partnership with UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group), a leading global provider of human capital management (HCM), payroll, HR service delivery and workforce management solutions. 9 Mar 2021 Read more

Quest chooses DataGroupIT as African distribution partnerQuest, a global leader in new generation data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, has named DataGroupIT as its distribution partner for Quest and One Identity across Africa. 3 Mar 2021 Read more

Local consultancy named Qlik Elite Partner in AfricaQlik, a leading provider of intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualisation, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting, has recently upgraded local company, RIC Consulting, to Elite Partner Status; the highest tier of partnership possible. 8 Feb 2021 Read more

Assupol digitises operations with Impression SignaturesDigital transformation is no longer a 'nice to have'. The global pandemic has catapulted the fourth industrial revolution into the present, forcing many businesses across the globe to digitise or die. The insurance industry is no exception. Renowned for its face-to-face processes and paper-heavy procedures, the industry was compelled to go digital as the national lockdown effectively banned human interaction. 24 Aug 2020 Read more

Why choose a solution-driven approach to labour software?The world is digitising faster than ever before. Today, approaching businesses with a holistic solution is crucial. Particularly in the labour space, this methodology ensures seamless data connectivity and reduces the likelihood of errors. The result is an improvement in the internal workflow of a business, and its prospects in the market. Simply implementing a piece of software that is neither adopted nor driven within the organisation no longer makes the grade. 4 Aug 2020 Read more

Overcome the current climate: Embrace your training journeyBoth personally and professionally, 2020 has not been the year anyone imagined it would be. The world has been forced to digitise, evolve, and adapt and job scarcity is at an all-time high. In the current climate, the best way to ensure job security is to develop the skills needed to become indispensable to the organisation. Now is the time to embrace the training journey; especially while online solutions offer time and value efficiencies. Particularly in the Information and Communications Technology space, organisations are sweating existing assets; and enhanced skills are a definite differentiator. 29 Jul 2020 Read more

The crucial role of electronic signatures in a smart, digital societyIt is officially time to put electronic signatures on the agenda. Many organisations needed to embrace operating remotely overnight and they now recognise the importance of electronic signatures, even as lockdown measures are relaxed and lifted. As eSignatures have proven key to keeping businesses running during these uncertain times, a new appreciation has developed for the convenience, security, and reliability of electronic signatures - whether operating remotely or not. 15 Jun 2020 Read more

Financial reporting in the cloud in the wake of Covid-19There is no denying that the world is currently in a state of economic uncertainty. Companies are bracing themselves for the economic backlash of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have already felt the repercussions seeping through their crumbling company structure. In times such as this, earnings are becoming more volatile. Technological advances have become imperative to function and progress. To stay afloat, organisations are having to learn how to survive and thrive while operating exclusively in the online world. 6 May 2020 Read more

The dual role of the modern CFOIn a digitally driven world, every operational unit in every organisation across the globe is faced with the need to innovate. As the world evolves, so roles transform and employees at every level need to keep pace to maintain their place of importance in the organogram. This extends even to the finance department, where modern CFOs are required not only to act as the traditional "bean counters" but strategic organisational leaders too. 16 Jan 2020 Read more

Impression joins GlobalSign's Certified Regional Partner programmeImpression offers a wide range of GlobalSign PKI solutions to address the IT security and identity needs of regional customers in South Africa. 16 Jan 2020 Read more

The end of an era: Eiffel Corp ends partnership with BlackboardA recent announcement from Eiffel Corp, a leader in the higher education software and service digital education space, has announced that the company has decided to end its 21 year-long partnership with Blackboard, an international e-learning company. 13 Dec 2019 Read more

Engaging the students of today and tomorrow: The rise of mobile communication in AfricaAs the world strives to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution, as millennials enter the workforce, and as post-millennials enroll at educational facilities, a common requirement is the embracement of technology. This results in an increased demand for companies and institutions to offer innovations, such as mobile solutions, that meet the expectations and needs of these generations. 1 Oct 2019 Read more

The Rhino Conservation Awards: Honouring courage and sacrificeMany of our continent's most majestic species of wildlife face a real threat of extinction. Africa is losing the very thing that makes it unique and valuable, its wildlife. To counter this, various organisations and individuals have taken it upon themselves to commit their lives to conserving these animals. 17 Sep 2019 Read more

Global technology driving the future South African marketplace"Technology and the use of (it) is going to determine our workers' ability to compete in the 21st century global marketplace." - Ron Kind. 3 Sep 2019 Read more

Call for nominations: African rhino conservation leaders"The fact that fewer rhinos have been lost in South Africa in 2018 is good news and merits credit for the hard work and commitment of all those involved. However, the overall status of our rhino populations remains a concern and we need continued commitment to address the systemic challenges for rhinos across the region." - Dr Jo Shaw, African Rhino Lead for WWF International*. 23 Apr 2019 Read more

Linking people, data and tech for actionable insightsData literacy is a critical component of success in the modern world. What is the use of innovative tools if users don't understand how they function? Can users fully utilise the abilities of these tools? Without adequate literacy, user adoption suffers. As a result, organisations are spending a large portion of their annual budgets on software, tools and infrastructure that is not being used effectively. 5 Apr 2019 Read more

BWT's Pink continues to light up Formula 1 in 2019BWT - The Best Water Technology Group stays on the F1 grid continuing as a Formula 1 principal sponsor in 2019. This year, the two pink cars with the drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll will be racing as SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team. 26 Mar 2019 Read more

Year-end functions and the importance of vetting vendorsAs the year winds to an end, most corporate, commercial and industrial organisations are planning year-end functions. These events are designed to thank employees for their loyal service throughout the year, give them the opportunity to strengthen team dynamics in preparation for the new year, and energise them for the work to come. Nothing could dampen spirits faster than event crashers, theft, disruption, or event suppliers failing to deliver on their promises on the day. 10 Dec 2018 Read more

CEO Wheelchair Campaign supporting the vulnerable"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members."
- Mahatma Gandhi
 23 Nov 2018 Read more

CCMA and the key to procedural fairnessIn South Africa, stringent labour laws have created somewhat of a minefield for employers to navigate when it comes to disciplinary procedures. While protecting the rights of the employee is paramount, employers that are not completely up to date with the relevant legislation could soon find themselves in hot water. 4 Oct 2018 Read more

Softworx rebrands, integrates into EOHModern enterprise applications must deliver business that drive extended best-of-breed solutions. From the core enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions through supply chain planning to extended warehouse management, asset maintenance, product life cycle management, information management (BI, data warehousing and analytics), and enterprise performance management (financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, consolidation and governance) - every element of operations can be managed to perfection. 21 Aug 2018 Read more

Data: The foundation of accelerated growth in a transformed worldIn an ever more connected world, it is essential that businesses find their footing on the transformation journey. Data is the foundation of this journey, providing the key to get the vehicle to insights moving. Through the effective use of data, accelerated growth is driven, propelling us towards a transformed world. 18 Jul 2018 Read more

Efficient, sustainable and effective facilities managementA well-maintained facility is imperative for any business. Poor working conditions lead to a decline in the health and motivation of staff members, which, in turn, leads to a decline in productivity and profitability. 31 May 2018 Read more

Exploring the journey from data to insightsIn an information-driven world, not making use of the data at hand is operational suicide. With a wealth of business insights readily available, it simply doesn't make sense not to capitalise on this data to make better decisions, faster. To achieve this, businesses must learn how to harness the power of data analytics and use it to deliver an abundance of business benefits. This requires bridging the gap between traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions and inadequate spreadsheet applications. 30 May 2018 Read more

Infrastructure maintenance and the digital methodCondition assessment allows public sector agencies to guarantee the delivery of safe, reliable, and efficient service to their constituents. 18 May 2018 Read more

Digitising integrated poultryIn the fast-moving, volatile and critical poultry industry, control over processes within various divisions and sites is essential. Linking different divisions with each other and the business to provide an integrated view of the entire organisation provides accurate insights to ensure better performance. Management via manual processes and Excel spreadsheets simply doesn't achieve the results needed to remain competitive. This archaic approach hampers productivity, accuracy and efficiency. 3 May 2018 Read more

Tech success for original equipment manufacturersTech Terms defines an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as "a company that produces hardware to be marketed under another company's brand name". Earlier this quarter, Tracker Connect (Pty) Ltd was named the SA Qlik Master Reseller OEM Partner of the Year for 2017. 29 Mar 2018 Read more

Is your data management an illusion?With the exponential growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever-expanding digital era, businesses face a flurry of data. This constant stream of information demands attention. Why? Because businesses already have all the information at hand to make impactful, positive, strategic decisions; if only they knew how to access it. 7 Feb 2018 Read more

The value of on-site security managementIn the security industry, discipline and integrity are critical factors. A United States security expert* recently confirmed that; "the supervision of security guards is the most important and most difficult challenge of a security company." Guarding is a career that requires a large set of skills - and while guards may be proficient in one area, this does not mean that they are able to deliver on the full skillset required. For this reason, supervision, hands-on management and a level of mentorship is required. 1 Feb 2018 Read more

Lowering the 'normal' cost of maintenanceConsidering how maintenance and parts inventories have evolved in recent years, and the increasingly strategic approach to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), it is apparent that visibility is one of the most important drivers at every step in the manufacturing and plant engineering process. There was a time when the process for maintaining mission-critical equipment and replacing failing components was deceptively simple. That time has long since given way to intricate systems requiring infinitely more intricate management solutions. 10 Jan 2018 Read more