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MiWayLife understands that you want to leave a legacy for those you love. By reimagining life insurance, you can be remembered for all the right reasons.
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Say it with your chest: Breast Cancer Awareness MonthFor one month each year, we dust off our pink ribbons and don them on our chest to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness month. Catchy slogans, campaigns, and stories from breast cancer survivors fill our feeds to highlight the need for regular screening that can lead to early detection. 5 Nov 2019 Read more

Women's month a platform to highlight what needs to be changedWathint' abafazi wathint' imbokodo. A phrase that represents that the courage and strength women embody turns sinister at the hands of men who test to see if women are truly made of stone. You strike a woman, you strike a human that bleeds and the official numbers are showing that more South African women are bleeding at the hands of men. 30 Aug 2019 Read more

South Africa's blindspot when it comes to protecting themselvesCreating a secure financial future is something that many wish to achieve. Be it through investments, earning a higher salary, or the high number of funeral and life insurance policies that South Africans apply for. However, a recent report by FMI revealed that many people are blindsided to the cost of becoming injured or falling ill; which can impact any emergency saving they might have in place, if saving at all. 31 Jul 2019 Read more

The cost of waiting for tomorrowWe say it with deep conviction on how much we may love something or someone when it's still new, but along the way, we take those things for granted. One of these is failing to protect our loved one's financial future through life insurance because we believe that we still have time - until it's too late. 28 Jun 2019 Read more

Depression and life insurance: Will I be covered?"Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is." - Attics Poetry, Lover Her Wild 31 May 2019 Read more

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