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Mansfield Property Solutions specialises in the professional management of medium to large residential schemes - flats, townhouses, retirement villages and housing estates registered as a sectional title body corporate or HOA.
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What you can expect under the care of complex administrationLiving under the care of a complex administration company has several benefits to you as a tenant. This includes everything from dealing with things you may not have time for to providing services you may never have thought of to make complex living easy. Here are some of the things you can expect when living under the care of complex administration services. 27 Nov 2018 Read more

Answers to simplify the 3 challenges in residential scheme managementWithin the duties and obligations of real estate and residential property management there are three main functions which need to be intact in order to ensure continued success and stability of properties. These three functions, which can become challenges if not implemented correctly, are best performed through a professional building management company who can offer all these services as one solution. The three solutions required for a stable residential scheme to be managed are: 22 Oct 2018 Read more

What are property management solutions?Property management solutions can be viewed very broadly as the management of any other business. Property management exists to ensure that the life, profitability and condition of real estate remains intact or even increases in value. A property management company will ensure your realty assets are protected from all angles, whether it be maintenance-wise, legally or economically. 19 Oct 2018 Read more

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