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The IAB South Africa, is an independent, voluntary, non-profit association focused on growing and sustaining a vibrant and profitable digital industry within South Africa.
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13th annual Bookmark Awards - announcement of the 2021 jury chairs and jury panelsIn the run up to the 13th annual Bookmarks Awards, the IAB SA has announced the 2021 jury panels and their respective chairs. Comprising eight experts in their respective fields, the jury chairs together with their fellow panel judges will evaluate and award the latest and greatest in South African digital. 13 Apr 2021 Read more

IAB SA Future of Measurement committeeIn August 2020, the IAB South Africa launched the Future of Measurement committee with the aim of better understanding the current and anticipated future needs of the industry with regards to digital measurement, and use this understanding to inform the IAB SA Digital Measurement Tender and any further activities that the IAB undertakes in order to better support the measurement requirements of the industry. 31 Mar 2021 Read more

Entries for the 13th Annual Bookmark Awards are openThe annual IAB SA Bookmark Awards celebrate brilliance in the digital media and marketing industry, and has always acknowledged innovation, creativity and effectiveness, making it the unrivalled benchmark of local digital advertising excellence. And now, in its 13th year, the 2021 IAB SA Bookmark Awards are open for entries. The online entry platform is live and accessible here, offering an easy and simplified way to enter. 16 Mar 2021 Read more

Remote working and digital-first emerge as key influences in the IAB SA Digital Skills Gap ReportThe IAB SA, in partnership with The Red and Yellow Creative School of Business, has published The 2021 Digital Skills Gap Report - an industry-wide survey that highlights the key challenges faced by brands, agencies and publishers alike. As South Africans attempt to find their equilibrium in a world that continues to grapple with the fallout of Covid-19, and in an economy where 42.6%* South Africans are unemployed, the rapid rate of digital adoption facilitated by the pandemic brings equal parts hope and challenge to the industry. The exponential growth in the 'digital-first' approach is a much-needed boon for the industry, but this gain necessitates an availability of the right digital skills - some of which are in critically short supply. 11 Mar 2021 Read more

IAB SA Research Council empowers the industry with data-driven insightsAs digital adoption continues to grow exponentially, so too do the opportunities available to publishers, agencies and brands. On the flip side, this rapid adoption and evolution presents challenges and hurdles that require data-driven insight to navigate. The IAB SA Research Council exists to empower the industry by collecting, collating and distributing accurate, non-biased research-findings that accurately reflect industry trends. 5 Mar 2021 Read more

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