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HKLM is an independent strategic branding and communications company focused on building powerful, sustainable brands in Africa. We are Africa's leading brand agency with representation in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Botswana and Swaziland.
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#LockdownLessons: Covid-19 a baptism of fireWhile the last few months have been a baptism of fire in terms of adapting how most businesses operate, the next six months won't see a return to business as usual pre Covid-19. In fact, it is highly doubtful that there will be a return to as many face-to-face meetings as most businesses used to enjoy, given that social distancing practices are likely to continue to be in place for several months to come. 20 May 2020 Read more

Conservation and coronaIn these crazy corona times, I can't tell you how often I've read that "this is nature pressing the pause button" or "this is Mother Earth paying us back for all the abuse she has suffered at our hands". And whilst we marvel at fake pictures of flocks of birds returning en masse to places they had long since deserted, or dolphin now appearing in the waters of Venice, let's spare a thought for what is really happening in terms of conservation during these challenging times. 14 May 2020 Read more

HKLM breathes life into Karingani - a visionary new brand in African conservationKaringani is a piece of iconic Mozambican wilderness. Adjoining the Kruger National Park, this largely untouched reserve represents one of the last authentic wilderness areas on the continent. Leading African strategic branding and communications agency, HKLM, was tasked with conceptualising the Karingani brand so this exceptional new destination could be introduced to the rest of the world. 15 Apr 2020 Read more

HKLM designs biggest experiential visitor centre in West AfricaA world-class, next-generation digital environment that provided a glimpse of the future was what African telecoms provider, Glo, was after when it commissioned strategic brand and communications agency HKLM to design the new Glo Experience Centre in Victoria Island, Lagos. 31 Mar 2020 Read more

6 brands that have handled the Covid-19 crisis wellAs of Wednesday, 18 March, South Africa, HKLM's home country, had 116 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. The arrival and spread of the virus have sparked concern across the nation, with hand sanitiser stock running low everywhere. 18 Mar 2020 Read more

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