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Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts offers industry-orientated courses taught by dynamic lecturers who work in the industry, ensuring hands-on, quality tertiary education in Graphic Design, Web Design, Game Development and Concept Art, short part-time courses and customised corporate training.
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Why photography is an important skill for designersThe creative industry is a competitive one, and designers are increasingly asked to go above and beyond to fulfil their clients' needs. One of the most crucial weapons in their arsenal? Photography. 28 May 2019 Read more

Friends of Design is now accepting early bird applications for 2020!At Friends of Design the early bird doesn't just catch the worm - they get a sweet deal too. 28 Mar 2019 Read more

The dark side of creative internshipsSearch through the job listings for creative careers in South Africa, and you'll start to notice a curious trend emerging. While middle- and heavy-weights are in relatively high demand, entry-level junior positions (as in, open to graduates with no on-the-job experience) appear to have become an endangered species. 26 Feb 2019 Read more

Friends of Design Game students bring Iziko Museum exhibit to lifeSimulating realistic professional projects for their students is a core part of the Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts' approach to creative education. When it comes to their Game Graphics and Multimedia Entertainment Department, however, the Academy is simulating far more than just a real-world client experience. 1 Feb 2019 Read more

Why branding is so importantWith strategies to fine-tune, employees to hire and that ever-growing stack of bills to pay, branding your new business may be pretty low on your list of priorities. 10 Sep 2018 Read more

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