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Clockwork is a Johannesburg and London-based through the line agency focused on building meaningful connections with brands and their audiences. Independent. Integrated. Inspired.
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Kids these daysKids are becoming more powerful and influential in the marketing industry than ever before, and the new generations of kids have grown up in a world with unlimited access to devices and technology. We call these generations Generation Z (or Gen Z) and Generation Alpha (or Gen Alpha). For this piece, we will be focusing more on Gen Alpha - those who were born in the early-to-mid 2010s. This generation has been comfortably existing in a virtual world as much as in a physical world, and they expect seamless integration between the two worlds. The level of comfort these kids have with all digital mediums makes them key decision-makers when it comes to purchases because they are starting to actually know more than older generations. 17 May 2022 Read more

Innovative responsible social marketing dominates for Clockwork at the Sabre Awards 2022: Africa and EMEAAs well as being a finalist in the highly coveted Consultancy of the Year category for Africa, Clockwork is thrilled with the latest SABRE Awards: Africa and EMEA announcements, some of which resulted in wins, with other results still to be revealed at the live show on 27 May. 13 May 2022 Read more

Trust journalists to have a good approach to PRSouth African media has taken several blows to the head in the last 24 months. In 2020, print media was rocked by mass retrenchments at Media24 and Caxton, and just this year it was reported that eNCA's staff was being subjected to "consolidation". It's a word that every editor should fear because it usually ends with their workload being multiplied tenfold, with probably a smaller salary to boot (hell, consolidation already defines local media ownership - there are only a handful of big names left in town). 28 Apr 2022 Read more

The ads have eyes - is surveillance advertising worth the risk?In today's hyper-connected world, few things are eerier than being spammed with hundreds of furniture ads immediately after having a WhatsApp conversation with a family member about your impending move. Or talking to your significant other about craving pizza for dinner, only to see Uber Eats banners popping up everywhere you look. Surveillance advertising is alive and well and has become a subliminal part of modern life. 30 Mar 2022 Read more

Inverroche, the pioneer of handcrafted luxury gin brand appoints Clockwork for global creative taskFull-service advertising agency Clockwork has recently been appointed the lead agency for South African premium luxury gin brand Inverroche, with a global vision towards brand awareness, positioning, and distribution. 25 Mar 2022 Read more

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