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Borderless Access is a digital MR company, providing access to consumer and niche audience experiences to its global clientele with its first-party online panels and its products and research solutions.
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Has shopping behaviour changed in sub-Saharan Africa since the start of the pandemic?From wearing masks and washing our hands more carefully than ever to working from home, Covid has changed our behaviour in dramatic and measurable ways. The virus has also had an interesting impact on our consumer behaviour, with large swathes of the world's population changing their well-worn habits within a few short weeks. 28 Sep 2020 Read more

Sub-Saharan Africans increase healthy habits to beat the virusFinding ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic has been a shock. We've spent a lot of time fine-tuning ways in which we can prevent ourselves from catching the virus. Covid-19 has prompted many of us to examine our health, with 63% of people around the world reporting that coronavirus has encouraged them to seriously consider their levels of health and fitness. We've taken a closer look at global changes with regard to general health, hygiene and fitness, with a special focus on Nigeria and South Africa. 31 Aug 2020 Read more

Work from home - short-term response or new normal?Across the world, Covid-19 pandemic has upended people's working lives. We have taken a closer look at how people's working lives have changed in sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on Nigeria and South Africa. 20 Aug 2020 Read more

South Africans' attitudes to medical travel consultation, post-lockdownHealthcare globally has received much focus since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Medicine-purchasing behaviour has changed, and so has the practice of medical consultation. Borderless Access conducted a survey to understand perceptions around medical travel consultations and what advice people will seek from medical professionals, once travel restrictions open up. These findings, which span South Africa, Nigeria and eight other countries, also uncover behaviour around the purchase and stocking up of medicine. 15 Jul 2020 Read more

South Africans embrace digital medical consultationsThe global Covid-19 pandemic has pivoted the world in countless new directions, a significant one being the exponential embrace of digital engagement. The field of healthcare is, of course, one that has been at the forefront of many pandemic-related changes. Medical professionals have had to adapt their entire way of working - and the public has responded. Borderless Access brings you findings from 10 countries on how modes of medical consultation have and will continue to change, post-lockdown. 7 Jul 2020 Read more

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