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Lumminos is a full-service coaching consultancy that bravely and skillfully transition through organizational, professional and personal change.
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Answer the call to courage with Brené Brown's Dare to Lead online seriesThe world requires daring leadership, and leaders are having to develop new skills to meet the challenges of business in today's unpredictable climate. 28 Jun 2021 Read more

Why do we procrastinate?The tendency to procrastinate is a problem for many people. The solution to overcome procrastination can be simple and with practice, the method can become second nature. 5 May 2021 Read more

Build your bravery in 24 hours: Register now for the Brené Brown Dare to Lead trainingToday's world requires daring leadership - whether you are running your own business or heading up a team in a company, leaders are having to develop key courage-building skillset to meet the challenges of work, professional relationships and the complexity and uncertainty of life in 2021. 12 Apr 2021 Read more

Motivating your team when the traditional reward levers aren't availableWhile you and your team may have embraced the need to summon up additional energy during the first year of the pandemic, many people seem to be feeling depleted at a time when we are needing to dig deep as we head into the second year of the pandemic. 25 Mar 2021 Read more

Brené Brown's Dare to Lead online series invites you to build courage for these times of uncertaintyNavigating what is likely to be another difficult year, business leaders, managers and employees are faced with likely challenges such as staff retrenchments, a downturned economy, remote working, digital fatigue, the fear of becoming irrelevant and uncertainty about what work will look like after the pandemic. 2021 is going to require daring leadership. 11 Feb 2021 Read more

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