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MiWayLife understands that you want to leave a legacy for those you love. By reimagining life insurance, you can be remembered for all the right reasons.
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The core values of MiWayLifeHow you treat people, the choices you make, and what you share with the public are all underpinned by one thing, your values. It's what can make or break anything that you do, which is why we keep them close to our hearts as MiWayLife. 15 Feb 2021 Read more

How much are you worth?How do you measure your worth? Is it through the things that you own or is it through how much you have sitting in your bank account? While we may use various ways to see what our value is according to our relevance to things or other people, there are statistics that show just how much a value of a life costs in South Africa. 2 Feb 2021 Read more

The ultimate easy life insurance guideFinancial goals are one of the top resolutions that most people have on their cards. However, aligning your financial goals could mean getting back to basics such as having life insurance. After all, your life is more valuable than anything. 13 Jan 2021 Read more

Is there such a thing as cheap life insurance?We all want to insure what matters the most to us, our lives. But is it possible to get life cover that is cheap in South Africa that still comes with all the bells and whistles to cover you and your loved ones? Here is what you need to know. 3 Nov 2020 Read more

Preparing ourselves beyond lockdownThe Covid-19 pandemic pulled the rug out from under many of us, leaving us with an uncertain future. As we ease into Level One it is beneficial to know practical ways in which you can make the adjustment easier for you and your loved ones. 13 Oct 2020 Read more

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