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Founded in 2014 and based in beautiful Cape Town, R-Squared is an Influencer Marketing Creative Agency that designs, builds and executes kickass influencer marketing projects locally and internationally, and is recognised as one of the Top 5 Influencer Agencies in South Africa. Our projects are curated to be engaging, authentic and to protect both brand and advertising agency brand equity.
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Mandatory regulations in influencer campaigns: a battle between credibility and the rulesInfluencer marketing is an industry still in its youth, because of this there are many questions which are yet to be answered - specifically in relation to the law. 'Should Influencer's disclose sponsorship? Will disclosing lower the strength of the influencer over the audience? Are influencers aware of the relevant regulations? Will brands be liable if an influencer does not comply?' In this article we will be answering all these need-to-know-asap questions. 14 Nov 2019 Read more

Unsolicited influencer posts: Ensure perfect brand alignmentHave you ever wondered what to do when an unsolicited influencer makes an unsolicited post about your brand and tags you? Every brand appreciates unsolicited influencers posting positively on their behalf. But how can you ensure that those posts are perfectly aligned with your brand positioning, optimised for positive engagement, and designed to protect the brand equity if the post was unsolicited? 6 Nov 2019 Read more

Stephane Rogovsky to lead IAB SA Digital Influencer CommitteeFollowing IAB SA's recent announcement of new committee members for the IAB SA Digital Influencer Committee, R-Squared Digital is excited to share that its CEO and Founder, Stephane Rogovsky, is the newly appointed Council Lead of the IAB SA Digital Influencer Council. 4 Nov 2019 Read more

Michelle MaraisIt's that time of year. Retailers are preparing for Black Friday and the holiday season. Chain stores are playing Boney M's Little Drummer Boy. Tinsel is appearing as if by magic. Your online shopping cart is full, and you're ready to purchase as soon as the prices drop. Now is the time to plan ahead and book your influencer marketing campaigns for Black Friday. 23 Oct 2019 Read more

Influencer marketing spending on the riseStatistics point towards increasing brand spend on influencer marketing for 2020. What does this mean for your company/brand? Recently, 60% of 18-34 years old in South Africa say that their purchase decisions have been swayed by influencers on social media. (source: eConsultancy). Statistics show that the recent attitude of consumers are fostered by trusted endorsements by persons they feel an emotional connection with - Influencers. Influencer marketing has been on the rise, both in South Africa and globally. 15 Oct 2019 Read more

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