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Mobitainment is a Mobile Marketing technology enabler, translating technology into marketing results... Turning the mobile phone into the SELL phone!
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Real Heroes Connect: A technology game-changer that will touch thousands of livesReal Heroes Connect, an edutainment platform targeting employees and which seeks to inform and educate to prevent the spread of Covid-19, has leveraged groundbreaking technology to provide a pioneering solution. 22 Jun 2020 Read more

Today's tech tips marketers can use to save the shopper moneyTop on the shopper's mind today is that she needs to save her money - and that includes when you ask her to use her mobile phone to enter a competition and engage with your brand. 14 Oct 2019 Read more

Introducing the first-ever single-brand rewards programme in South Africa - Royco RewardsThink of rewards or loyalty programmes, and immediately your mind goes to the retail store brands, like Clicks or Dis-Chem. Why have we not yet seen a loyalty programme rewarding customers for their regular purchase of a single brand? Because, historically there has been the big challenge of proving that the shopper actually bought the product in order to reward them, especially for brands enjoyed by the mass-market of South Africa. 3 Dec 2018 Read more

Mobitainment #8 Top Tech Provider - Global by Mobile Marketing Association on Business Impact IndexFirst-ever ranking of agencies, holding companies, advertisers and brands delivering business growth through mobile 13 Apr 2018 Read more

Social and mobile get even closer in 2018When social meets mobile, we see the best of both in our digital world...
Let's explore their journey as their relationship gets even closer as 2018 approaches, and how we can leverage what they offer us as marketers in Africa.
 18 Dec 2017 Read more

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