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FNB searches for top tech talent - 300 openings

FNB is looking to recruit 300 experts with engineering, technology, data and quant skills to supplement its existing cohort of more than 5,000 equivalent skills.

14 hours ago

DBE sets record straight on teachers who are not vaccinated

The DBE has disputed misleading reports and misinformation regarding the circular it distributed last week on educators who are not vaccinated...

1 day ago

Achieve extraordinary results through inclusive leadership

Operating in an ever-changing and increasingly global economic environment, it is imperative for organisations to embrace diversity to maintain their competitive edge...

By Brian Eagar 1 day ago

Guide to employers' tax obligations after damage to their premises

In this article, we deal with some of the possible implications for employers and employees of businesses damaged during the recent looting...

By Joon Chong and Nina Keyser 2 days ago

Public sector unions sign wage deal

Public Service and Administration Minister Senzo Mchunu has welcomed the conclusion of the collective agreement on wage increases in the public service...

2 days ago

How to win at company culture, despite the pandemic

It's no secret that Covid-19 has completely changed our world of work. However, success can still be achieved by aligning culture and brand values...

By Enid Lizamore 2 days ago

6 tips to get the office ready for your staff's return

Nearly 18 months after we left the office, businesses should not simply try to pick up where they left off and hope people return to the workplace environment as it was before...

By Linda Trim 3 days ago

New learning platform to assist young Africans to reach their full potential

Full Potential has officially launched its online learning platform, which aims to develop one million young African leaders by 2025...

3 days ago

Cult vs. Culture

It wasn't until the 1950s that the concept of culture was first applied to the business world, and it has been spoken about tirelessly since then...

By Terri-Leigh Cassel & Mike dos Santos 26 Jul 2021

Explore the working world with the Virtual Career Expo

Momentum Metropolitan will host a free Virtual Career Expo aimed at school-leavers from disadvantaged communities...

26 Jul 2021

5 ways to cope with WFH fatigue

It's undeniable that the pandemic has taken so much from us over the past year, it has also in turn required a lot from us - mentally, physically and emotionally...

By Vivian Chuene 23 Jul 2021

5 tips to connecting with your manager

Have you found yourself disconnected from your manager? Deadlines are under pressure, the virtual world is blurring the relationship...

By Lizette Volkwyn 22 Jul 2021

Work readiness and experience is key to youth employment

First time work seekers, many of these bright youngsters remain unemployed or underemployed and most will end up taking jobs unrelated to their education...

By Rajan Naidoo 22 Jul 2021

Call for nomination of people to fill Icasa vacancies

Members of the public and organisations are requested to nominate suitably qualified people to fill four vacancies at the council of Icasa...

21 Jul 2021

Are we doing enough to protect our whistleblowers?

It takes a very special person to be a whistleblower, as their motives are very seldom for self-gain but rather to pursue social justice...

By Lucinda Hinxman 21 Jul 2021

WATCH: Sivuka Youth offers inspiration and guidance, helping SA youth find their voice in the world of work

In this BizTakeouts interview Ashalia Maharajh, the founder and director of Sivuka Youth, discusses the company's introspective, self-first approach to fundamental topics to develop SA's youth and tackle unemployment...

Issued by Sivuka Youth 20 Jul 2021

Take a moment to REST - a toolkit to manage perspective

We cannot control our environment; we can only control our perspective. The responsibility and opportunity lies in learning how to manage this...

By Julia Kerr Henkel 20 Jul 2021

How the Power of One is creating job opportunities

For our economy to improve we have to find ways to increase the country's employment rate by developing viable job creation solutions. However, such an impact cannot be achieved alone or by one company...

Issued by Signa Group 23 Jul 2021

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