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There are two parts to a layer cake: science and artistry. You need to get the quantities and technique right first to make sure the basics of a well-baked cake are there. After that, you have the freedom to make it what you want: how many layers? What do you use to separate them? What decoration, if any? The most enjoyable cakes combine the best of method and magic.

At LayerCake, we approach recruitment the same way. It's a mix of the measurable and the inexact that makes for a successful placement.

If you come to us because you're looking to hire, we make sure the brief is absolutely clear and thorough. We'll even help you write it. Often we'll also come to your offices to get a sense of your business's culture and understand the subtler, often unarticulated things you're looking for. These visits are part of building long-term relationships with you so that we start knowing intuitively what kind of people you are and what kind of people you look for.

If you come to us because you're looking for a job, we'll help you with your CV and use relaxed one-on-one meetings to understand who you are, what you're looking for, what your strengths are and what opportunities will most excite you. And because we know that, sometimes, what's wrong on paper is right in practice, we like to build relationships that aren't just professional but personal too, so we know what makes you tick and what you really want.

It's thanks to these relationships that many of our candidates become our clients. They know we're honest, approachable, reasonable and realistic. They've benefited first-hand from both our expertise and our instinct.

LayerCake was established in 2007 by Wendy Rijksen-Bubb and Sarah Murchison both of whom have been recruiting for the advertising, marketing and communications industries for over 16 years, in addition to having worked in mainstream advertising agencies and marketing companies.

You're welcome to register with us by sending your CV to az.oc.ekacreyal@ofni and, if we can assist you, you will be contacted for an appointment.

LayerCake is fully B-BBEE compliant, with a B-BBEE Compliance Status of Level 4 (100% procurement recognition).

Any enquiries, client briefs, candidate CV's, referrals, interviews, references and general queries to az.oc.ekacreyal@ofni or 021 674 5320/21/22.

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