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'Plastic-free' fashion is not as clean or green as it seems

The fashion industry has seen a rise in "green", "eco" and "sustainable" clothing. This includes an increase in the use of natural fibres, such as wool, hemp, and cotton...

By Thomas Stanton and Kieran Phelan 6 hours ago

JumpStart programme wins MTN Award for Social Change

Primary school mathematics education and youth employment programme JumpStart has been awarded the MTN Award for Social Change...

8 hours ago

Mitigation and the South African carbon tax

The very first period for filing of carbon tax returns opened on 1 October 2020, and will close on 29 October, at 3pm, after which penalties for late submissions will apply. During that limited timeframe, carbon taxpayers are required to file their initial environmental levy (carbon tax) accounts and pay carbon tax on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between 1 June and 31 December 2019...

By Andrew Gilder 3 hours ago

#SUSASummit: Vivienne Ming says "AI makes better humans"

These are the highlights of Vivienne Ming's talk at the SingularityU South Africa 2020 Summit...

1 day ago

New report highlights role of nature-based solutions in post-Covid-19 recovery

In cities, where the majority of South Africans live and which have been severely impacted upon by Covid, there are many nature-based solutions...

1 day ago

"Massive" oil spill in Umbilo River

Crude oil has been spilling into the Umbilo River from a Transnet pipeline in the Bellair area, Durban...

By Nokulunga Majola 1 day ago

#ConsciousLiving: How Palesa Pads is helping SA's girls stay in school

WATCH: To date, Palesa Pads has helped over 5,000 girls access affordable, eco-friendly reusable sanitary pads so they don't have to miss a day of school while on their period...

By Sindy Peters 2 days ago

Covid-19 amplifying youth hardships, undoing SDG progress

In the latest National Income Dynamics Study-Coronavirus Rapid Mobile Survey, 15% of respondents reported that a child in their household went hungry at least once per week during the lockdown...

2 days ago

Decolonising international development

Dismantling the 'white gaze', fostering more transparent partnerships, and centering on local expertise and leadership...

Issued by Trialogue 2 days ago

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